minho has turned into my life. i mostly contribute to the tmr fandom by making fanmixes (and you can request some if you like just send me a message)



the new tmr trailer got me all hyped up so I drew up a little bit of thominewt being all cute and playful n_n

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you’re not like the others. you’re curious.

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T H E  M A Z E

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We get out now or we die trying.

You don’t get it. We’re already d e a d.
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all i want to do is make a maze runner graphic to the holy grail chorus but im just not that talented 

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The maze runner fandom is fricking adorable.

Thomas felt a pang of guilt over Chuck—felt sorry for him. The kid tried so hard to be everyone’s friend, but no one seemed to like him or even pay attention to him.

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Tumblr: tmr fandom u okay?
tmr fandom: You don't get it, we're already dead
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