I didn’t do anything wrong. All I know is I saw two people struggling to get inside these walls and they couldn’t make it. To ignore that because of some stupid rule seemed selfish, cowardly, and… well, stupid. If you want to throw me in jail for trying to save someone’s life, then go ahead. Next time I promise I’ll point at them and laugh, then go eat some of Frypan’s dinner.


TMR Characters + quotes from their namesake


Some more Griever concept art by Ken Barthelmey

"Designing the scary Grievers had many challenges. Slugs and coconut crabs were a huge influence for me in finding the overall body shape. The head was a bit tricky, since in the book they have no face, only a big ugly mouth. It’s basically a mixture of caterpillars, bulldogs and even piranhas.

Wes wanted some specific changes and attachments in the design, like this mechanical scorpion tail. That was a bit challenging because my first design couldn’t work with a scorpion tail. Hence the body structure needed to be much lower on the ground.”

"I’m with Thomas. I’m with Thomas one hundred percent.”



anyone want to request a playlist idea? im gonna make one finally :) ?

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